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How Anderson Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Fatal Car Collision in Fort Worth, TX

How Anderson Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Fatal Car Accident in Fort Worth, TX

Money won’t bring your family member back after a deadly car accident in Fort Worth. However, it can help to ensure that you are financially secure in the weeks, months, and years to come. It can also give you a sense of closure and justice after experiencing such a devastating loss. 

However, the road to financial recovery can be anything but easy. Those responsible for your loved one’s fatal crash won’t be quick to accept responsibility. The insurance company might even try to blame your family member for the deadly accident. 

Level the playing field – and give yourself the edge you need for success – by calling our car accident attorneys in Fort Worth, TX for help.

We’re nationally recognized, top-rated Fort Worth personal injury attorneys with a track record of victories in tough car accident cases like yours.

When you turn to us for help, we’ll be ready to take on the entirety of your wrongful death claim – giving you the opportunity to grieve and focus on your path forward.

We will:

  • Keep you fully informed and help you make important case-related decisions throughout the process
  • Carefully investigate the specific details of your loved one’s fatal collision
  • Gather evidence – including medical records, photographs, property damage, video footage, police reports, and witness statements – to help us build a persuasive claim for damages
  • Interview experts and specialists who may be able to provide critical insight into your wrongful death case
  • Defend against tactics designed to shift blame to your family member, which could hurt your chances of a full financial recovery
  • Aggressively negotiate with at-fault parties and their insurance companies in an effort to leverage a meaningful settlement offer on your family’s behalf
  • Bring your car accident case to a jury in Tarrant County if your family doesn’t receive a fair settlement

You never have to worry about the cost of legal representation when you choose Anderson Injury Lawyers. Our Fort Worth auto wreck lawyers work on contingency, so there’s no cost unless we win your fatal car accident injury case.

Call our legal team in Fort Worth today to arrange a free consultation to get started.

How Many Car Crashes in Fort Worth Are Fatal?

In 2021, 2,223 fatal car accidents were reported across the State of Texas. According to car accident statistics, Fort Worth was home to 119 of those collisions, which resulted in no fewer than 130 tragic deaths.

That’s roughly 6 fatal collisions every single day in Texas, with a deadly wreck recorded about once every three days in the city of Fort Worth.

Fatal traffic accidents have increased in recent years – both statewide and in cities like Fort Worth. Between 2019 and 2021, fatal auto accidents in Texas increased by about 25 percent. In Fort Worth, deadly collisions surged by 42 percent during this same period of time.

Can I Recover Compensation if My Family Member Is Blamed for Their Fatal Auto Accident in Fort Worth, Texas?

Maybe – it depends on how much fault your loved one is assigned. Under Texas’s modified comparative fault system, damages in a related wrongful death claim will be reduced based on their contribution to the fatal wreck.

Once their liability for the accident exceeds half, you lose the right to recover compensation in a third-party claim.

It’s important to anticipate and fight back against victim-blaming tactics. Your loved one isn’t around to defend themselves, and allegations of shared responsibility can seriously hurt your ability to recover damages related to their tragic and avoidable death. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our car crash attorneys in Fort Worth for help.

What Damages Can I Get After Losing a Family Member in a Fatal Fort Worth Crash?

When a family member dies in a car accident, you’ll have just two years to initiate a wrongful death claim for damages. A successful claim can help you recover economic damages (to offset your financial losses) and non-economic damages (to make up for your own personal suffering and anguish).

Potential compensation includes money for:

  • Lost income and benefits
  • Lost value of household services
  • Mental distress
  • Lost care, comfort, and companionship
  • Lost inheritance
  • Funeral and burial expenses

If your family member survived their injuries for any period of time after the deadly car accidents, damages related to their personal pain and suffering, as well as any medical expenses incurred before their death, can also be awarded to their estate.

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Car accidents are largely avoidable. When a family member dies as a result of another’s negligence, Anderson Injury Lawyers will be there to help you hold the responsible parties fully accountable.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our award-winning car crash lawyers in Fort Worth for help getting through this incredibly tragic time in your life.

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