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Were you or a loved one injured by a dangerous or defective product in Dallas, Texas? If so, you might be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer or seller to cover your losses. Unfortunately, corporations and insurance companies won’t make it easy to obtain a fair settlement. Our Dallas product liability lawyers at Anderson Injury Lawyers can help, give us a call at (214) 327-8000.

Anderson Injury Lawyers is here to help you hold the responsible parties liable for your damages. We have decades of experience fighting insurance companies and other adversaries to secure life-changing outcomes for accident victims throughout Dallas. 

We’ve won over $100,000,000 in settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients, including a multi-million-dollar defective drug case. Our injury attorneys handle premises liability cases in Dallas, TX, wrongful death cases in Dallas, and more injury matters.

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How Our Dallas Product Liability Attorneys Can Help If You’ve Been Injured By a Defective Product 

How Our Dallas Product Liability Attorneys Can Help If You’ve Been Injured By a Defective Product 

You shouldn’t have to worry about products on the market causing injuries. Regulations and testing procedures are implemented to catch flaws or dangers before products are sold to consumers. However, that’s not always the case; defective products cause injuries more frequently than you may think. 

With the prevalence of injuries caused by faulty products, you may think it’s easy to get compensated in a product liability case. However, they are complex due to the parties involved and the industry-specific technicalities. That’s why it’s wise to have an experienced Dallas personal injury lawyer on your side to level the playing field. 

When you hire Anderson Injury Lawyers to represent you in your Dallas product liability case, we’ll: 

  • Investigate the defective product that caused your injury and determine if any recalls have been issued 
  • Consult leading industry experts to identify the defect, what caused it, and whether the at-fault party could have prevented it
  • Negotiate with opposing parties on your behalf and fight against victim-blaming techniques, like accusations that you misused the product 
  • Handle your claim from start to finish, ensuring that you’re updated at all times 
  • Litigate your case in a Dallas County courthouse if negotiations are unsuccessful 

Contact our law firm today to discuss the injuries you sustained due to a defective product. We’ll discuss an attorney-client relationship, evaluate your legal options, and determine all avenues for compensation. 

What is Product Liability? 

Texas products liability laws allow consumers who are injured by defective or dangerous products to hold the seller or manufacturer liable for their damages. 

Possible defendants may include any party who sells, manufactures, designs, constructs, produces, assembles, or rebuilds the product. These parties may be responsible based on negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty, or a combination of these theories. 

There are three main types of product liability claims, including: 

Defective Design 

If a product’s design is inherently dangerous despite being manufactured properly and poses an unreasonable risk of harm, it may be deemed defective. These products are unsafe even if consumers use them as intended. To prove a flawed design, you must demonstrate that the harm was foreseeable and that a less dangerous, economically feasible alternative exists.  

For example, a toy made for toddlers contains small parts. It’s reasonably foreseeable that the toy poses a choking hazard. An alternative design likely exists, such as designing bigger pieces that cannot be swallowed. 

Manufacturing Defects 

Instead of affecting all of the products like a design defect, manufacturing defects may affect one item or a batch of items. These flaws are unrelated to the design and may result from errors during the product’s manufacture, production, assembly, or building. 

For example, a batch of medication becomes contaminated with a toxic substance. This has nothing to do with the drug itself; it resulted from an error during production. 

Failure to Warn/Marketing Defects 

If a product is inherently dangerous in some unobvious way, the manufacturer or seller must provide adequate warnings or instructions notifying consumers of the risk. 

For example, a manufacturer knows that its lamps overheat after two hours, posing a risk of fires. This isn’t a hazard most people would be aware of, so the manufacturer has a duty to provide conspicuous warnings on the lamp’s packaging to warn consumers of the risk.  

We Handle All Types of Product Liability Cases in Dallas, TX 

Approximately 11.7 million Americans were treated in ERs for injuries caused by products in 2021. 

Most of those injuries were caused by: 

  • Stairs and ramps  
  • Televisions 
  • Household cleaning products 
  • Beds and mattresses 
  • Chairs and sofas 
  • Ovens and stoves 

However, we’ve also handled injuries caused by: 

  • Medications and prescription drugs
  • Medical devices 
  • Power tools 
  • Toys and other children’s products
  • Pesticides (e.g., Roundup)
  • Vehicle components, such as airbags and seat belts 
  • Heavy equipment and machinery 
  • Household appliances
  • Construction equipment, such as scaffolding
  • And more 

Contact us today to discuss the defective product that caused your injury. The sooner we start investigating, the better your chances of securing a favorable settlement or verdict. 

How Much is My Dallas Product Liability Case Worth? 

All product liability cases are different because they involve various types of products, defendants, and injuries. 

The value of your Dallas product liability case will depend on many factors, including: 

  • The product that injured you and the defect involved 
  • The parties involved (e.g., large corporations or small sellers) 
  • The severity of the injuries you sustained and how they impact your everyday life 
  • Whether you’re able to continue working 
  • Whether you contributed to the cause of your injury 
  • The strength of your evidence and arguments 
  • Whether the defective product injured just you or several others 
  • Whether the manufacturer or seller knew of the danger posed by the product 

Typically, the more severe your injuries, the more your case will be worth. However, product liability cases are often worth much more if the defendant knew of the defect but continued selling it without adequate warnings. We’ll evaluate the facts of your defective product case and give you an idea of how much it may be worth. 

What Compensation is Available in Defective Product Cases in Texas? 

Victims injured by defective products in Texas can recover economic damages for their monetary losses, including: 

Non-economic damages are also available for things like: 

  • Pain and suffering 
  • Inconvenience 
  • Mental anguish, including PTSD and anxiety 
  • Disfigurement and scarring 

Punitive damages are sometimes awarded in product liability cases, particularly if the seller or manufacturer knew their product was dangerous but sold it anyway. Unlike compensatory damages, these exemplary damages aren’t intended to make you whole again; they’re awarded to punish defendants for grossly negligent, fraudulent, or malicious behavior. 

What Types of Injuries Are Caused By Defective Products? 

Defective products can cause an array of injuries depending on the flaw, product, and accident. 

We can help you with your product liability case no matter what types of injuries you’ve sustained, including: 

Contact us today to discuss your injuries and the compensation you can seek. Our product liability lawyers in Dallas are ready to fight for you while you focus on your recovery.

How Do I Prove My Defective Product Case in Texas? 

Most product liability cases are based on negligence and strict liability theories. 

To prove a defective product case based on negligence, you must show: 

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care; 
  • The defendant breached their duty of care by failing to use caution when producing, manufacturing, designing, constructing, or selling the product; 
  • The defective product directly and proximately hurt you; 
  • You suffered damages as a result. 

Proving strict liability in a defective product case is oftentimes easier; you must show: 

  • The defendant is a manufacturer or seller of the product (or has a commercial connection to the product); 
  • The product was defective or unreasonably unsafe when it was produced or sold; and
  • The defective product directly injured you.

Strict liability doesn’t require that you prove a breach of duty, which is frequently the most challenging element of negligence to demonstrate. Whether your cause of action is based on negligent actions or strict liability, we’ll help you prove your case by gathering evidence. Contact us today so we can start building your claim for damages.

How Long Do I Have to File a Product Liability Lawsuit in Texas? 

The Texas statute of limitations for most product liability lawsuits is two years – meaning you have two years from the date of your injury to file a lawsuit. Also, you must typically file a Texas product liability lawsuit within 15 years of the date of sale, with some exceptions. 

Speak to an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you meet the statutory deadline. Otherwise, you may lose your right to hold the manufacturer or seller responsible for your injuries. 

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