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Did you recently lose a loved one in a fatal accident in Dallas, TX? An experienced Dallas wrongful death lawyer at  Anderson Injury Lawyers can help you seek justice and fight for the fair compensation you deserve, call us at (214) 327-8000.

We can help you fight to recover compensation for medical bills, funeral costs, and the loss of your loved one’s companionship and support.

Since our firm was founded, we’ve recovered hundreds of millions in compensation for injured clients and their families. We have the experience you need to hold the at-fault parties accountable for your loss.

Some of the injury cases we handle are product liability cases in Dallas, premises liability cases in Dallas, TX, aviation/airplane accidents in Dallas, slip and fall accidents in Dallas, and more personal injury claims.

Money may be the last thing on your mind right now. Let our lawyers handle the legal aspects while you grieve. Just contact our law firm in Dallas, Texas to schedule a free consultation today.

How Anderson Injury Lawyers Can Help With a Wrongful Death Claim in Dallas 

How Anderson Injury Lawyers Can Help With a Wrongful Death Claim in Dallas 

Countless families lose a loved one in Texas each year. If your family is one of them, we know you’re coping with a difficult loss. While you take care of your family, our experienced Dallas personal injury lawyers can help you fight to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Our legal team is led by a Texas board-certified personal injury trial lawyer with over 30 years of experience handling complex injury cases. Over the years, we’ve earned a perfect-10 “superb” Avvo rating and an AV-Preeminent rating from the Martindale-Hubbell lawyer rating service. We’ve also been recognized by Super Lawyers and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

When you hire our lawyers to protect your family’s interests, you can count on us to:

  • Investigate to determine who and what caused your loved one’s death
  • Calculate the fair value of your case
  • Hire top-rated experts and specialists
  • Fight back if the insurance company tries to pin the blame on the victim
  • Handle all insurance negotiations and communications 

Our leading Dallas injury attorneys don’t back down from a fight. If necessary, we won’t hesitate to take your case to trial to fight for the fair compensation you need.

We’re always here to take your call, so contact us when you’re ready to schedule a free consultation.

How Common Are Fatal Accidents in Dallas?

Thousands of Texas residents lose their lives in fatal accidents every year. In 2020, 3,896 people died in fatal motor vehicle accidents across the state of Texas. That’s a 7.54% increase from 2019. In 2019, 608 Texas workers died in fatal workplace accidents.

Thousands more die each year because of fatal falls, medical mistakes, and intentional violence.

What is Wrongful Death?

What is Wrongful Death? - Anderson Injury Lawyers in Dallas Near You

Wrongful death means that someone died because of another party’s careless, reckless, or intentional acts. Most wrongful deaths happen because someone was careless. Even if the responsible party didn’t commit a crime, they may be held liable for monetary damages in civil court.

Most wrongful death victims would have been eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit had they survived. Instead, surviving family members can pursue compensation for wrongful death.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Texas?

Only certain parties can file a wrongful death lawsuit under Texas law. 

After someone is killed in an accident, the following survivors are entitled to bring an action for wrongful death under Texas wrongful death laws:

  • Surviving spouses
  • Biological and adoptive children
  • The deceased party’s parents

If the victim doesn’t have any surviving beneficiaries, the personal representative can file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the victim’s estate. The compensation recovered is then distributed according to the decedent’s will or state intestate laws.

What is My Dallas Wrongful Death Case Worth?

Many different factors can influence the value of a wrongful death claim, including:

  • The victim’s age and life expectancy
  • The victim’s lost wages and lost future earning capacity, based on prior earnings, education, and work history
  • The identity and age of any dependents or children
  • The victim’s pain and suffering prior to death
  • The family’s trauma and emotional suffering
  • The cost of the victim’s medical expenses prior to death
  • The circumstances of the accident and the nature of the defendant’s acts

Our lawyers will carefully evaluate these and any other factors that might influence your case value. We’ll do everything possible to fight for the full compensation your family deserves.

What Types of Damages Are Available to Survivors in a Wrongful Death Case?

Most grieving families are entitled to seek compensation for the full value of their economic losses. They’re also entitled to seek compensation for more intangible, non-economic losses.

Depending on the circumstances, your family may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Your loved one’s medical bills from the date of the accident until the date of death
  • Funeral expenses and burial costs
  • The lost financial support the victim would have provided
  • The value of lost household services the victim would have provided
  • Emotional distress and suffering
  • Loss of prospective inheritance
  • Loss of the victim’s company, guidance, and support
  • Loss of consortium

Texas courts only award punitive damages in cases involving intentional wrongdoing or gross negligence. These damages don’t compensate for a specific loss. Instead, they punish the responsible parties for the harm they’ve caused your family.

Can I Recover Damages If My Loved One is Being Blamed for a Fatal Accident in Texas?

When someone doesn’t survive an accident, the responsible parties might try to blame the victim for causing the accident. Your loved one isn’t around to defend themselves. While it may seem wrong, insurance companies often try to take advantage of that fact.

If they succeed, you could lose valuable compensation. Under Texas modified comparative negligence rules, you can only recover compensation if your loved one was less than 51% responsible for their own death. If your loved one is found to be primarily responsible, your family can’t recover damages.

Shared fault rules have an impact even if your loved one was only partly liable. Your compensation can be reduced by their percentage of fault.

You’ve already lost someone important. You shouldn’t have to sit by and let the insurance company push you around. Our lawyers are here to protect you and limit the effectiveness of these and other insurance tactics. Call our law offices to schedule your free case review to learn more.

What Causes Most Fatal Accidents in Dallas, Texas?

Any type of accident can cause fatalities. 

Our lawyers handle all types of fatal accident cases in Dallas, including those involving:

Your life has already been turned upside down. Our lawyers in Dallas can handle the investigation to find out who was responsible for your loss. You can learn more about the benefits of creating an attorney-client relationship by calling to schedule a free case evaluation today.

How Do I Prove Negligence After I Lost a Loved One in a Fatal Accident in Texas? 

Most wrongful death cases are based on negligence. In other words, most victims of wrongful death die because someone was careless or reckless. 

To recover compensation based on negligence, you’ll have to establish:

  • The responsible party owed your loved one a legal duty of care
  • A breach of duty was the direct cause of your loved one’s injuries and death
  • The amount of damages your family sustained

Multiple parties can share liability for the same accident. Our lawyers will carefully investigate to locate the evidence needed to establish causation and liability.

That evidence could include:

  • Police reports
  • Medical records
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Video surveillance footage
  • Safety records 
  • Inspection and maintenance reports
  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Testimony from experts and specialists

Every case is different. There’s no single way to prove negligence. Our lawyers will evaluate all of the facts and conduct our own investigation. That way, you can rest assured that you’re getting the fair compensation your family deserves.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit After a Fatal Accident in Texas?

The statute of limitations in Texas wrongful death cases is two years. However, unlike in personal injury cases, the two-year clock starts to run on the date of the victim’s death. That may not be the date of the accident itself.

Once the two-year deadline passes, you’ll lose your right to seek compensation.

We know life is difficult right now. Our Dallas wrongful death attorneys can take steps to protect your right to compensation today. Just call Anderson Injury Lawyers to get the legal advice you need today.

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