Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Dallas, TX

Dallas has nearly 38,000 car accidents per year. These collisions cause over 200 deaths and approximately 16,000 injuries. The city’s accident, fatality, and injury rates are all higher than they should be based on its share of the Texas population.

These accidents tend to cluster along a few roads, highways, and intersections in Dallas, TX. Many factors can go into creating a cluster of accidents, including road design, heavy traffic, and the speed limit in Dallas.

Here’s an overview of the most dangerous roads and intersections in Dallas, TX, and how you can get compensation for accidents caused by others in these and other locations.

How Anderson Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Car Accident in Dallas, Texas

How Anderson Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Car Accident in Dallas, Texas

The Dallas car wreck attorneys at Anderson Injury Lawyers have decades of experience helping accident victims. Since the firm was founded in 2007, it has recovered over $100,000,000 for clients injured in car accidents and other personal injury incidents. 

The firm is led by an attorney certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Some awards and honors earned by the firm’s lawyers include:

  • 10.0 Superb Rating on Avvo
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  • Rated AV Preeminent, the highest rating, by Martindale-Hubbell

When you hire our Dallas personal injury attorneys to represent you throughout your car accident claim process, we’ll: 

  • Investigate the cause of the collision and determine everyone who may share liability 
  • Gather evidence and consult experts to build a solid case
  • Handle all filings and communications and keep you updated throughout the case
  • Negotiate with the insurance company and other parties to get you a fair settlement
  • Litigate your case in a Dallas County court if the opposing parties refuse to settle in good faith

To learn more about the compensation Anderson Injury Lawyers can pursue for your car accident injuries, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

How Common Are Accidents on Roads/Intersections in Dallas, TX?

How Common Are Accidents on Roads/Intersections in Dallas, TX?

In 2021, Dallas had 37,837 car accidents. Of these, 27,602 involved a collision between two or more vehicles. Not all of these happened on roads or intersections.

According to crash statistics, approximately 589 collisions happened on private property like parking lots and driveways. This leaves 27,013 car crashes between two or more vehicles on public roads, highways, and intersections.

In 2021, 9,373 collisions happened on public roads at an intersection. This means that 24.8% of Dallas crashes occurred at intersections.

This leaves 17,640 accidents that happened away from intersections, which translates to 46.6% of accidents in Dallas happening on roads and highways.

Texas’s statistics also show that 19.5% of Dallas pedestrian accidents happened at intersections, while 80.5% happened on roads and highways. Some 37.1% of bicycle accidents in Dallas, TX occurred at intersections, and 62.9% happened on roads and highways.

Regarding motorcycle accidents in Dallas, 26.4% occurred at an intersection, and 42.6% happened on roads and highways. The bulk of the remaining 31% of motorcycle accidents were single-vehicle accidents where the motorcyclist hit an object or a parked vehicle, slid, or flipped.

Overview of the Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Dallas, TX

Overview of the Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Dallas, TX

Clusters of accidents frequently show up in downtown Dallas and on major state and interstate highways. This scenario happens because many of the accidents come about due to Dallas distracted driving cases. Heavy traffic increases the odds of distraction.

Another contributor to Dallas accidents is speed. Over 3,000 accidents result from excessive speed or traveling too fast for conditions. High speeds on Dallas’s highways contribute to accidents.

Common Types of Injuries That Can Occur in Dallas Car Accidents 

When these accidents happen, they can produce a range of injuries. Rear-end collisions in Dallas often cause neck and back injuries. They can also cause concussions.

Head-on collisions can cause injuries to the face, chest injuries, and lower limbs. The jostling can also cause Dallas, TX brain injuries like concussions.

Side and angle collisions are some of the most dangerous collisions. If your driver’s side door gets hit, you could suffer crushing injuries as well as back and neck injuries.

Sideswipe collisions often cause only minor injuries unless one or both vehicles run off the road. If that happens, they can flip, causing potentially fatal neck and back injuries.

Who is Liable for a Collision in Dallas? 

Liability for car accidents in Texas is determined according to negligence principles. 

Some examples of negligence on roads and at intersections include:

These bad driver behaviors can get amplified by road, traffic, and weather conditions. All of these factors come together at the most dangerous roads and intersections in Dallas, including:

Dangerous Intersections in Dallas, TX

The most dangerous intersections include one busy downtown intersection, four highway exits, and one highway interchange:

  • TX-348/Northwest Hwy. exit from TX-Loop 12 had 17 fatal or injury accidents
  • Lancaster Rd. exit from I-20 had 16 fatal or injury accidents
  • Royal Lane exit from US-75 had 16 fatal or injury accidents
  • Elm St. and Griffin Blvd. had 14 fatal or injury accidents
  • The interchange between I-30 and TX-Loop 12 had 14 fatal or injury accidents
  • Wheatland Rd. exit from US-67 had 12 fatal or injury accidents

Several other highway exits had nine fatal or injury accidents, and several downtown intersections had six fatal or injury accidents.

Dangerous Roads in Dallas, TX

The most dangerous roads include several stretches of highway, including:

  • US-75, between Ross Ave. and the TX-Spur 366
  • I-30, between Jim Miller Rd. and the US-80 interchange

Also, Hampton Rd. had three of the most dangerous intersections in Dallas, including Ledbetter Dr., Wheatland Rd., and the I-20 off-ramp.

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Accidents can happen anywhere. But some roads and intersections are particularly dangerous because of traffic congestion, road conditions, and driver behavior. 

We also handle Dallas bus accidentsDallas taxi accidentsDallas Uber & Lyft accidentsDallas Pedestrian accidents, and more personal injury matters.

Regardless of where your vehicle accident happened, you can contact a Dallas injury lawyer at Anderson Injury Lawyers for a free consultation to discuss your injuries and the compensation you can seek. Our Dallas car accident lawyers are available 24/7 to take your call.

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