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Dallas highway crashes can cause serious injuries or deaths. It can also be difficult to put the pieces together after an accident and determine how the car crash occurred. Texas law allows you to pursue compensation against the party who caused the accident.

If you were injured in an accident, an experienced Dallas highway crashes lawyer with Anderson Injury Lawyers can help. We handle other vehicle accidents like bus accidents in Dallas, taxi accidents in Dallas, Uber & Lyft accidents in Dallas, truck accidents in Dallas, and more injury matters.

We will put our considerable experience and resources to use to help you pursue fair compensation following an accident. Contact us online or call us today in Dallas, TX, at (214) 327-8000 for a free case review. 

How Our Dallas Highway Crashes Lawyers Can Help After an Accident

How Our Dallas Highway Crashes Lawyers Can Help After an Accident

Anderson Injury Lawyers has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for accident victims over the last 15 years. Part of our success is having two board-certified Dallas personal injury attorneys, which only 2% of lawyers in Texas possess. 

When you hire Anderson Injury Lawyers, our Dallas car accident attorneys will help protect your rights by:

  • Ensuring you receive the medical care you need
  • Thoroughly investigating the accident 
  • Identifying all at-fault parties
  • Gathering evidence to prove liability and damages in your claim process
  • Calculating the damages you sustained inIf you were injured in a Dallas highway crash, the experienced car accident lawyers with Anderson Injury Lawyers can help. Reach out today for legal advice. the accident
  • Negotiating for a fair settlement

Give us a call, and we’ll explain more about how our firm can help with your case in Dallas, Texas. 

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How Common Are Highway Crashes in Texas?

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 1,752 people died in Texas in U.S. or state highway traffic accidents in 2021. That figure represents nearly half of all traffic fatalities in the state that year.

Why Highway Crash Accidents Are So Dangerous in Dallas

According to statistics, highway crashes are so dangerous because they usually involve higher speeds. Two or more motorists may be traveling at the speed limit and collide. The force of impact is equal to the sum of the speed each vehicle was traveling at before the accident. When accidents happen at higher speeds, the following factors come into play:

  • Safety features are less effective
  • Serious injuries are more likely 
  • Secondary accidents may happen if there is limited space between vehicles

When you are seriously injured, you need a strong legal advocate on your side who will help you seek the maximum compensation available for your claim. 

Dallas Highway Crash Accident Overview 

If you were recently involved in a highway crash, you should be aware of your legal rights and the following information:

Common Causes of Highway Crashes

Highway crashes may occur for a variety of reasons, such as:

An experienced Dallas car accident lawyer can help determine who was at fault in your case and help hold them accountable for their negligence

Common Highway Accident Injuries in Dallas

The higher rates of speed often mean that highway accidents result in serious injuries, such as:

The cost to treat these common injuries can be exorbitant. However, a personal injury claim may help you recover compensation for your injuries and provide a way for you to pay your medical expenses. 

Compensation Available Following a Highway Crash

If you were injured in a highway crash that was not your fault, you may be able to pursue compensation for the losses you suffered, such as:

Contact our Dallas highway crashes lawyers today to find out what your claim might be worth.

How To Prove Fault in a Highway Crash in Dallas, TX

In order to recover compensation for a highway crash, you will have to prove the other driver was at fault for the accident. Evidence that may help you establish fault may include:

  • The accident report
  • Photos you take at the accident scene
  • Videos from traffic cameras, dash cams, or nearby surveillance cameras 
  • Witness statements

An experienced lawyer can help gather compelling evidence in your case. 

Contact A Dallas Car Crash Lawyer for Help

If you were hurt in a highway crash, Anderson Injury Lawyers can help. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our deserving clients. Our Dallas car accident lawyers are ready to fight for you and a fair resolution of your claim. 

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Our law firm handles all types of car accident cases, including:

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