What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do?

Car accident attorneys in Dallas, Texas, help to solve important problems. Your car crash injuries probably require medical treatment, physical therapy, and medication.

But with skyrocketing healthcare expenses, you might not even have the money to pay your copays to get the services you need.

Worse yet, your car accident injuries could prevent you from working. Without any income, affording your medical care and living expenses becomes even more difficult.

These financial straits might even force you to choose between medical treatment or food and rent.

How Anderson Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Automobile Accident in Dallas

How Anderson Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Automobile Accident in Dallas

Anderson Injury Lawyers was founded in 2007. Over the past 16 years, our car accident attorneys have handled thousands of injury cases and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for Texas accident victims.

Our personal injury law firm’s attorneys have many decades of legal experience and have earned many of the legal profession’s highest honors, including:

  • Certification from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in personal injury trial law
  • Rated 10.0 Superb by Avvo, the highest possible rating
  • Listed as Super Lawyers by SuperLawyer.com

A car accident lawyer in Dallas, TX, provides advice, representation, and advocacy in service of your case. Contact Anderson Injury Lawyers at (214) 327-8000 for a free consultation to discuss how a car accident lawyer can help you.

When Do Accident Victims Need Dallas Car Accident Lawyers?

As the third-most populous city in Texas, Dallas has a lot of car accidents. According to statistics, the city had 35,355 total traffic crashes in 2021. 

Crashes in Dallas caused:

  • 227 fatal injuries
  • 1,284 serious injuries
  • 5,333 minor injuries
  • 9,639 suspected injuries

Across the entire state, 56,026 lawsuits were filed in 2021 for car accident injuries. Not all of these lawsuits were for accidents that happened that year. But nonetheless, the 2021 numbers represent an all-time high for car accident lawsuits.

From these numbers, you can infer that a high percentage of car accident victims need a car accident lawyer and that this need will not change anytime soon.

What Car Accident Lawyers Do in Dallas

The attorneys will provide you with many legal services, including the following.

Case Evaluation

After your car crash, you might have no idea whether you have an injury compensation claim. Fortunately, most car accident lawyers offer free consultations to potential clients.

During this consultation, you will explain your accident and the injuries you suffered. The lawyer will ask you questions about your medical bills and how much work you missed. Based on your answers, a lawyer can assess the merits and value of your case.

Lawyers provide legal advice and counsel based on their training and experience. A car accident lawyer will outline your legal options and help you decide among them.

To win a car accident case, your lawyer must prove negligence by showing the other driver failed to exercise reasonable care. Often, your lawyer proves this by showing that the other driver violated traffic laws.

As the insurance company processes your injury claim, your lawyer will advise you about your best strategy for maximizing your compensation. If the insurer denies your claim or makes a low settlement offer, your lawyer can guide you through the process.


Your injury case will probably start with following a claim process with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier. Every driver in Texas must carry liability insurance. This insurance coverage pays third parties injured by the policyholder’s negligent actions.

But insurers have a financial incentive to deny or reduce your claims. As a result, the adjuster assigned to your case may deny your claim or make a low offer to settle it.

Your lawyer’s job is to persuade the adjuster to increase the settlement offer based on the law and some common injuries you suffered. Your compensation after a car accident in Texas can cover:

  • Past and future costs for medical treatment, therapy, and medication
  • Diminished earning capacity resulting from ongoing disabilities
  • Lost income due to missed work
  • Pain and suffering

Your lawyer will negotiate with the adjuster to try to get the maximum compensation available in your case.


If the insurer does not offer a fair settlement, you need to decide whether to file a lawsuit. In some cases, this might be your best option for receiving adequate compensation for your injuries.

During litigation, your lawyer will:

  • Prepare and file the lawsuit
  • Gather pretrial discovery from the at-fault driver
  • File and argue pretrial motions
  • Present your evidence to a jury

At the end of the trial, the jury will weigh the evidence showing negligence and the extent of your losses and return a verdict.

Types of Crashes A Dallas Car Accident Lawyer Handle

A Dallas car accident attorney can handle all types of car crashes, including:

Schedule a Free Consultation With Our Dallas Car Wreck Lawyers

Fighting auto insurance companies and at-fault drivers for injury compensation requires significant legal knowledge, experience, and patience. To discuss how a car accident lawyer can assist you with your injury claim, contact Anderson Injury Lawyers for a free consultation.

We also handle vehicle accidents like bus accidents in Dallastaxi accidents in DallasUber & Lyft accidents in Dallastruck accidents in Dallas, and more injury matters.

Keep in mind that most Dallas car accident lawyers work on contingency, so you won’t pay any attorney’s fees unless the lawyer secures compensation for you.

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