Who is Responsible When a Loose Dog Causes a Car Accident?

When you think about dogs causing injury, most people automatically imagine dog bites. Unfortunately, dog attacks aren’t the only way dogs injure people – loose dogs in the road can pose serious hazards to the dog, your car, you, your passengers and other drivers. For… read more

Money You Can Claim After an Accident Affects Your Sex Life

As a Fort Worth personal injury attorney, I know that a common (yet rarely talked about) consequence of being in a car wreck is an impact on your sex life. This could occur for a number of reasons; you could have suffered a physical problem directly caused… read more

What’s the Difference Between “Interstate” and “Intrastate” Trucking?

In your truck accident case, the laws that apply to the 18-wheeler that hit you can differ greatly, especially depending upon whether interstate or intrastate trucking laws apply. What’s the difference between interstate and intrastate trucking? “Interstate” means traveling between at least two different states  “Intrastate” means traveling within… read more

What To Do If You’ve Received a Bill From Emergency Services Following Your Auto Accident in Texas

If you’ve been in a car wreck, motorcycle accident, or truck crash and you were not the motorist at-fault for the accident, then Texas law allows you to claim damages from the other driver’s insurance company.  This includes compensation for bodily injury, property damage, loss of income,… read more

What To Do When You Receive A Subrogation Letter in Fort Worth, TX

Just because you have a good health insurance policy doesn’t mean your finances are safe if you’re in an accident. Here, I discuss how a clause in your policy could leave you less protected than you thought. Why You Received a Subrogation Letter If you or a member… read more

The Difference Between District Court and County Court in Texas

Typically, the district court handles criminal cases and felonies, while the county court handles everything else (like misdemeanors, traffic offenses, etc.).However, the size of a county makes a difference. In small counties, both courts hear a wide variety of different matters. In larger counties like… read more

Is There An Upper Age Limit to Drive in Texas?

If you live in Texas, you’ve likely been renewing your drivers license for years. But are there restrictions to drivers license renewals? How old is too old to drive? Upper Age Requirements for Texas Drivers License There is no upper age limit to drive in… read more

How Many Hours Can A Texas Truck Driver Drive In A Day?

Truck driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of 18-wheeler accidents in Texas. Unlike regular motorists, truck drivers are limited to how many hours a day they are allowed to operate a commercial vehicle. Regulations on Interstate Truck Drivers Interstate truck drivers may not… read more

Complaining about a Subrogation Letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield in Fort Worth

If your medical insurance provider is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, then it is likely that you will receive a subrogation letter from them if you or a member of your family has been injured in an accident. Regardless of whether the injuries in… read more

Subrogation Letter from Ingenix/Optum on Behalf of United Healthcare

If you have been injured in a car crash, truck wreck, motorcycle collision or other accident where someone else was at fault, it’s very likely that you will receive a letter in the mail from a company called Optum (previously Ingenix) seeking reimbursement for health… read more