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Several people were sent to the hospital Friday morning after a crash involving a city bus. It happened on McCart Avenue in Fort Worth at around 8:30. A vehicle was making a left hand turn into a Chase Bank parking lot when the driver did not see the bus coming. That is when the bus slammed into the passenger side of the vehicle. There were a total of 23 people on the bus, but only six had to be sent to the hospital to receive treatment for minor injuries. Some were also said to have possible concussions due to the impact of the crash. Neither driver was hurt in the crash, but the driver of the vehicle was cited with the fault of the accident. It’s very fortunate that there were not more cars or passengers involved in this wreck, as this intersection is usually busy in the mornings.

Bus crashes can have serious consequences, but this accident appears to have only caused minimal damage. As for the injured passengers, I hope that their injuries continue to stay minor as time goes on. Cuts and bruises will heal with time, but I’m afraid of any possible brain injuries that could have happened during the impact.

There are no seat belts on these busses, so there’s nothing to brace passengers in the event of an accident. Mild traumatic brain injuries such as concussions may seem like they only have temporary symptoms, but if gone untreated or monitored they can cause larger problems down the road.

The victims of this accident should make sure that they have not suffered any brain injuries and should keep a close eye on any of the typical concussion symptoms such as headache, nausea, and sensitivity to light.