You’ve taken the first step toward receiving compensation for your personal injury accident by scheduling a free consultation with an injury attorney or firm. Before you sit down for your consultation, take time to prepare so that you are able to make the most of the time.

Preparation Begins with Knowledge

The first step in preparing for a consultation is learning what to expect at this meeting. Here are nine things to consider as you prepare for your consultation:

1. The Consultation Is Truly Free

It may sound too good to be true, but a free consultation costs you nothing. A law firm or attorney must tell you if they will charge you a fee for consulting with them. Otherwise, there is no obligation on your part to retain the attorney’s services. We work on a contingency fee basis.

2. Some Firms Do Not Have You Speak to Their Attorneys

Be clear about who you expect to speak to at your consultation, as some firms may have you meet with a paralegal or junior attorney and not with a partner. 

3. Think About What Questions You Want to Ask Beforehand

A consultation should be more than an opportunity for a firm to make its sales pitch to you. You should be allowed to ask questions about your case and your rights. Come prepared with a list of questions to which you would like answers.

4. Feel Free to Share with the Attorney

Personal injury lawyers in Fort Worth who speak with prospective clients have ethical obligations, including the duty to maintain confidentiality about what you tell them. This duty continues even if you do not hire that attorney.

5. Bring Documents to Your Meeting

If you have invoices, accident reports, or settlement offers, bring those items to your consultation and discuss them with the attorney. These documents help the lawyer get a better picture of your situation and a more accurate assessment of your circumstances.

6. It Is Okay to Bring a Family Member or Trusted Friend

You may want to ask the firm or attorney with whom you are consulting ahead of time if you are permitted to bring support people with you. Most firms and attorneys’ offices cannot handle more than a couple of people during a consultation, so this is not a time to bring the whole family or your entire circle of friends.

7. Know How Long You Have to Make a Decision

One topic you and the lawyer with whom you meet should discuss is the statute of limitations. Ask how long you have to file your case, as this gives you an idea of the length of time you have to make a decision about filing suit.

8. Expect a Sales Pitch

Many attorneys will pitch their services to you as part of the consultation if they believe you have a viable claim. They cannot lie to you about your legal rights, though. If you need time to consider what to do, do not be afraid to ask for time to think.

9. Evaluate the Attorney and Law Firm

Consultations allow you to check out an attorney and their firm to see if you trust them to handle your claim. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the lawyer’s experience and ability to handle your case

If you don’t feel comfortable that the attorney with whom you are meeting can effectively handle your case, do not be afraid to look elsewhere for representation.

Preparation Leads to a Productive Consultation With a Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorney

By considering what will take place at your free consultation and preparing yourself ahead of time, you and the attorney can have a frank and productive meeting. These are meetings that leave you feeling empowered and equipped with knowledge and options about your legal rights.

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