Thousands of people visit the Dallas Zoo each year. Founded in 1888, it is the oldest and largest zoo in Texas. The City of Dallas owns the zoo, but it is privately managed. The zoo is home to over 400 species and houses more than 2,000 animals.

While most trips to the Dallas Zoo are fun-filled experiences, accidents can cause severe injuries. Visitors can sustain severe injuries from slip and fall accidents, animal bites, and other incidents. In the worst cases, those injuries result in wrongful death.

If you or your child is injured at the Dallas Zoo in Texas, you could receive compensation for your injuries and damages. However, filing a personal injury claim against the Dallas Zoo can be complicated. The following steps can help you protect your legal rights.

Seek Emergency Medical Treatment

Call 911 for emergency medical services if necessary. Otherwise, seek immediate medical care from your doctor, a hospital, or an urgent care facility. Prompt medical treatment gives you a better chance of making a full recovery. It also helps with your personal injury claim.

Even if you appear fine or feel okay, seeing a doctor for a complete examination is wise. Remember that some injury symptoms may not appear for hours or days after the injury. Additionally, the shock of an accident or injury can mask symptoms.

Report the Injury

Report the accident to zoo officials immediately. Find the nearest employee or zookeeper and ask for the administrator. Tell them what happened and request help with medical care if needed.

Write down the name and title of the person taking your report. If the person creates a written report while you are at the zoo, ensure you receive a copy before leaving the zoo.

Gather Evidence

The zoo may correct the hazard or dangerous condition that caused your injury. Take photographs of the accident scene and make a video to document the area. Making a video helps capture the entire area, including a lack of warning signs, a dangerous condition, or poorly maintained grounds.

Ask witnesses for their contact information. Eyewitness testimony can be very helpful when proving your case for liability. As soon as you are able to do so, make notes about the incident while the details are fresh in your memory.

Contact a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

A lawsuit against the City of Dallas for an injury at the Dallas Zoo is much more complex than the average personal injury claim. Special rules and laws apply to claims against government entities, including very short deadlines. Furthermore, you may also have a claim against the private entity that manages the zoo and other third parties.

An experienced Dallas personal injury lawyer conducts a thorough investigation to determine how your injury occurred. They identify all parties who may be liable for your damages and file prompt claims to meet deadlines. Your attorney gathers evidence proving the Dallas Zoo and/or other parties are liable for your damages.

What Damages Could I Receive for a Personal Injury Claim Against Dallas Zoo?

Damages for a personal injury claim against the Dallas Zoo and other parties could include non-economic and economic damages. Examples of damages for a premises liability or negligence claim could include:

The amount you receive for your damages depends on the circumstances of your case. Factors that impact how much your claim is worth include the parties involved, the severity of your injuries, and the availability of evidence.

Document your damages by taking photographs of your injuries and keeping copies of all medical records. Creating a pain and suffering journal with details of your recovery can help your lawyer develop a narrative that supports a claim for all of your non-economic damages.

Set Up a Free Consultation With a Qualified Injury Attorney

If you have questions about an accident or injury at the Dallas Zoo, you can get information and advice by scheduling a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer. And since most attorneys in this field of the law work on contingency, they only get paid if you do.

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