How Long Does It Take To Settle an 18-Wheeler Accident Case in Fort Worth?

An 18-wheeler truck on the highway in Fort Worth, TX, rivals a cruise missile in its destructive power. It can crumple a car like an accordion, resulting in catastrophic injuries. If you find yourself the victim of an 18-wheeler accident, take heart in the fact that you are not the first person to experience the shock, pain, and confusion that are no doubt plaguing you.

Most truck accident claims settle out of court long before trial. The real questions are how much you will settle for and how long it will take to obtain the settlement. These are two largely related questions; the more money you ask for, the longer it is likely to take to settle.

In our experience, it takes anywhere from two months to two years to settle, based on a variety of factors. Anderson Injury Lawyers can provide insight into your case, you can call our Fort Worth 18-wheeler accident lawyers today at (817) 799-7752 to schedule a free consultation.

How Anderson Injury Lawyers Can Help You With Your 18-Wheeler Accident Claim in Fort Worth

How Anderson Injury Lawyers Can Help You With Your 18-Wheeler Accident Claim in Fort Worth

The Ft. Worth truck accident attorneys at Anderson Injury Lawyers are here to help. We have laced up our gloves and fought for many clients facing circumstances similar to yours. And we’re no ‘new kids on the block.’ 

We opened our doors in 2007, and our lawyers have accumulated decades of combined experience. Ultimately, though, our results speak for themselves—we have won over $100 million in compensation for our clients.

So how can our lawyers help you? There are literally hundreds of ways. Rather than run through the usual ways, such as negotiating with the insurance adjuster, below we list some forms of assistance that you might not have thought of:

  • Examining the trucker’s Hours of Service (HOS) log. This could uncover violations of trucking regulations.
  • Analyzing the truck’s event data recorder (“black box”).
  • Investigating the truck’s maintenance and inspection records. This investigation could uncover a second or even a third defendant.
  • Utilizing the services of an expert witness, such as an accident reconstruction specialist.
  • Inspecting cargo loading records for possible overloading.
  • Looking into company inspection and training protocols.
  • Collecting data about weather and road conditions on the date of the accident.

The specific evidence you need to gather is hard to predict without knowing the details of your case. When you hire us, we’ll do everything in our power to help you get the full compensation you need and deserve. Call today to learn more and schedule your free, no-risk case review.

Factors Affecting the Length of Time It Takes To Settle Your Fort Worth Truck Accident Claim

The following factors, among many others, can affect the length of time it will take you to settle your claim. 

Whether You Have Reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)

You reach MMI on the date your doctor confirms that your medical condition has improved as much as it ever will. In most cases, that means you’ve made a full recovery, and you will require no further medical treatment. In some cases, it means you will live with a permanent disability. 

Since it is easier to calculate the value of your claim once you reach MMI, the longer it takes to reach MMI, the longer it will take to resolve your claim. 

The Size of Your Claim

In personal injury law, the larger your claim, the harder the other side will fight to avoid paying it. A combative attitude will delay the resolution of your claim, perhaps all the way to trial. 

Whether “Negligence Per Se” Applies

All commercial truckers must comply with two levels of regulation—federal trucking regulations and state trucking regulations. These regulations contain extensive requirements, right up to the amount of sleep that a trucker must allow themselves. 

If you can find a clear regulator violation, under the principle of negligence per se, you have automatic negligence. Add in damages and causation, and you win your claim. Finding a regulatory violation will speed up the resolution of your claim because it will encourage the opposing party to settle your claim rather than risk losing in court. 

Whether You Need To File a Lawsuit

Most personal injury claims never mature into a formal lawsuit. Many do, however, and it takes time to resolve a lawsuit. That doesn’t mean you’ll end up at trial, however. Even after you file a lawsuit, the odds are good that you will eventually agree to withdraw your lawsuit in exchange for compensation.

How Long Pretrial Discovery Takes

Pretrial discovery is a process that allows each side to gather evidence that is in the possession of the other party. In some cases (but not most cases), discovery can take up to a year to complete. 

Your Lawyer’s Negotiating Skills

This is where the rubber meets the road. The difference between a skilled negotiator and an inept one could be a smooth claim resolution process versus years of delay. Choose your lawyer carefully, and don’t try to negotiate your own claim unless its value is trivial. 

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