Back and neck injuries are common in car accidents, but their seriousness varies depending on the facts of the accident. Generally speaking, the more serious the injury, the more compensation the injury victim may be able to recover. 

But the seriousness of the injury does not alone determine how much an injury victim might get. The presence of counsel also plays a big role, along with other factors. Whatever the case, car accident victims should see a car accident attorney to help ensure they get the highest compensation they deserve.

Common Neck and Back Injuries from Car Accidents

The forces victims experience in car accidents are enough to seriously damage the back, neck, and spinal cord. Even minor accidents can lead to devastating back and neck injuries, especially for motorcyclists and pedestrians. 

Some of the specific neck and back injuries commonly seen in car crashes include:

  • Strains and sprains, which are typically minor but can debilitate a victim
  • Whiplash
  • Damage to the vertebrae, such as cracking and compression
  • Spinal cord damage, including lacerations and breaks in the cord

In some cases, the extent or even existence of the injury may not be readily apparent. Symptoms sometimes appear much later after the accident and may become exacerbated without timely treatment. 

Average Car Accident Settlements Involving Neck and Back Injuries in Texas

The average settlement for neck and back injuries stemming from car accidents depends on whether the injuries are minor and isolated. Isolated, minor back and neck injuries typically settle for somewhere around $10,000. However, the sum significantly increases for serious injuries. 

For serious neck and back injuries, the average compensation payout for victims in Texas is just over $500,000. 

Factors Affecting Car Accident Settlements

The injuries a victim suffers play a vital role in the settlement amount. A spinal injury will likely command much more compensation than a strained back. However, other factors can diminish or augment a victim’s settlement amount. 

The Presence of Counsel

An injury victim who does not have an attorney is much more likely to receive far less compensation than a neck or back injury victim who hires an experienced car accident lawyer. A seasoned car accident attorney knows how to negotiate fiercely with insurance companies and persuade them to pay out what they owe.

Another factor that can negatively or positively affect your compensation total is how fast you take legal action after an accident. In general, the faster you act to pursue compensation, the stronger your case is likely to be. 

Timely legal action means your attorney can get to work on collecting evidence and building your case. Waiting too long can result in a weakened claim or an invalid claim due to time limitations

Employment Impact

It is not uncommon to see car accident victims be forced out of work for a time or permanently due to a neck or back injury. Fortunately, the loss of income can form part of a compensation claim. 

For this reason, settlement results between victims with the same injuries often vary because of the differences in the amount of income they take home. 

Neck and back injury compensation can vary significantly from case to case. If you have experienced a neck or back injury from a car accident, speak with an experienced car accident lawyer to get an idea of what you may be owed in compensation. 

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