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Injuries from construction zone accidents can be very painful. Not knowing what to do in that situation, such as whether or not you should go to a doctor, not knowing how your medical bills will be paid, and figuring out how you can claim your lost wages can make the accident seem even more painful. Furthermore, the burden of figuring out how your family will make ends meet during your recovery can be worrisome and can shift the focus of the accident from treating your injury to figuring out how you can work with the injury. Even though it may appear like there are little to no options to take when it comes down to a construction zone accident, the reality is that options do exist, with the help of a personal injury attorney.

The work injury attorneys at the Anderson Injury Lawyers handle all types of construction zone accidents and our firm has a proven track record of winning our clients the compensation their case deserves. In this article we’ll take a closer look at the ins and outs of construction zone accidents, who is at risk for being in one, and how our firm can fight for a settlement offer that can cover for all of your construction zone accident-related expenses.

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Construction Zone Accidents: Causes and Injuries

With all of the construction taking place in North Texas, it is to no surprise that accidents can and have happened in some shape or form. Therefore, how can a construction accident happen? While there can be countless amounts of factors that contribute to a construction zone accident, some of the most prominent causes include:

  • Unmarked holes: workers that fall into large unmarked holes can be seriously hurt, especially if the hole is quite a number of feet deep, and if there were steel rods or other exposed material at the bottom of that hole.
  • Falling: workers that have fallen from elevations, even the fall was from 5 feet, and could face serious injuries. This is especially true of the worker fell on a hard, rough surface such as concrete or asphalt.
  • Being hit by machinery or a vehicle: having a bulldozer go over a worker or being hit by a construction pickup truck can be very painful and can bring serious injuries.
  • Being hit by fallen objects: if a worker gets hit on the head by a slab of concrete or another type of construction material, the injuries could be life-threatening.

Construction Zone Injuries

These different accidents can have the potential to involve serious injuries. Whether the accident involved being hit by a vehicle or having an object falling on a worker’s head, it is important to receive immediate medical attention for two reasons. First, the injuries must be treated in order for the worker to be stabilized and without pain. Second, this will help establish a paper trail and help us prove that that the worker’s company was negligent and could have otherwise prevented the accident from occurring, a concept that we will look into more in the sections that follow.

Typical injuries occurring in a construction zone accident include:

  • Punctured or pierced body parts: if a steel rod or sharp object punctures a worker’s body, there is a risk for organ damage and heavy blood loss. This can be seen when a worker falls into an unmarked hole with sharp steel rods at the bottom.
  • Broken bones: falling from an elevation can result in multiple broken bones.
  • Torn muscles or ligaments: even if no bones were broken, it is possible that muscles can be torn by an object that falls on a worker.
  • Loss of limb: if the accident is very severe and a body part cannot be saved, doctors might need to remove that part of the body, such as an arm or leg.
  • Brain injury: falling objects on a worker’s head, falling from another level of elevation, and being hit by another vehicle can all result in a serious brain injury.
  • Spinal injury: a worker that falls, is struck on their back, or has any other back injury can be at risk for a spinal injury taking place.

The injuries mentioned above are only a small number of injury types that can occur; workers can be injured in much more different ways. The Anderson Injury Lawyers takes every injury with the merit they deserve, and we make sure to hold those responsible for your injuries accountable. If there were any injuries that inhibit the worker’s ability to work in the future or if the worker becomes disabled, the Anderson Injury Lawyers makes sure to fight for long-term disability expenses that will care for the worker for the future.

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    What Settlement Offer Can I Expect?

    When an injured worker contacts us to take care of their personal injury claim, we know that they need help to deal with their company, the insurance company, their medical bills, lost wages, and other concerns. For this reason, the legal team at the Anderson Injury Lawyers makes sure that we take care of all of our clients’ needs, answer all of their questions, and walk with them in the entire process.

    A personal injury from a construction zone accident can generate thousands, tens of thousands, and even millions of dollars. Due to the fact that each client has their own unique case, not all settlement offers are the same. For example, someone who only requires chiropractic care will have a different settlement offer than someone who requires extensive back surgery. The importance here is that each and every client gets the medical bills and lost wages paid, and we make sure that they do not have any medical debt stemming from their injury. You can start receiving medical treatment immediately at no upfront cost, and our fees are taken from a portion of the settlement amount, after we win your case.

    In other words, if you have been injured in a construction zone accident, the best way of handling it would be through contacting the Anderson Injury Lawyers today. We have award-winning personal injury attorneys that fight for your rights. Don’t let the insurance company give you a low offer. Call us today so you too can have full justice for your accident.

    Who Needs to Hire a Lawyer?

    If you've never hired a lawyer before, you might be wondering, "What will an attorney do for me? Do I even need one?" You will benefit from hiring a lawyer if you:

    • Were hurt in a work accident that you had no fault of
    • Don't have health insurance after the accident and can't afford to get treatment
    • Have never handled a work injury claim before and feel confused about what to do next
    • Tried dealing with your job on your own but encountered trouble with the company’s insurance adjuster
    • Received an unfair settlement offer from worker’s comp
    • Want a professional to ensure you win everything you deserve to cover the cost of your work injury

    If you were injured in a work accident that wasn't your fault and suffered injuries as a result, you will benefit from having a personal injury attorney handling your case. The reason is simple. After your accident, you're going to have to convince your job’s insurance company to pay you the money you deserve for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, insurance adjusters are trained to pay you as little money as possible. It's how insurance companies make money.

    Having a lawyer on your side evens the playing field. Here at the Anderson Injury Lawyers, we have over 25 years of experience winning money for hurt work injury victims in the Fort Worth Metroplex. We know exactly how to set up your case, and we handle everything for you.

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