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A back injury following an accident can mean a long recovery time and significant physical, often chronic pain. Sometimes, you may never fully recover from a back injury, especially if your spinal cord is damaged. People with devastating back and spinal cord injuries will often require years of treatment and therapy, which can be difficult and expensive.

If the accident that caused your back injury was due to another’s negligence, you have the right to seek compensation from the responsible party. But, these cases can be complex, and you should work with an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer who understands serious types of injuries and how to maximize compensation for your benefit.

At Anderson Injury Lawyers, our Fort Worth personal injury attorneys have obtained millions of dollars for injury victims and their families to help them recover. Over our more than 25 years of experience, we have handled some of the most severe back and spinal injury cases out there, and are confident in our ability to review your medical records, present your case, and secure the compensation you deserve.

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Back & Spinal Cord Injuries

Our spinal cords allow our brains to communicate with the nerves that run throughout our body. This tubular structure is inside of our spinal column which is made of 33 vertebrae bones stacked on top of each other. Between our vertebrae are muscles and discs which provide both structure and padding to the spinal column.

A serious impact or a tear on your spinal cord can significantly affect your mobility. After such a trauma, it can be difficult or impossible for this nerve tissue to heal. Damage to your spinal column vertebrae, muscles, or discs can be very painful. However, unlike your spinal cord, these injuries can often fully heal after receiving medical attention.

Anderson Injury Lawyers routinely represents people suffering from many different types of back injury. Victims of serious accidents will be affected in different ways depending on the spinal cord injury that they sustain. Damage to your back can affect not only your limb movement, but also how your body’s nervous system works. While every case is different, a back or spinal cord injury tends to be more serious the further up it is on a person’s body.

Different spinal cord injury levels are designated as:

  • High Cervical Nerves – Damage to the spinal cord around the top four vertebrae is the most serious. This can result in permanent full body paralysis, and organs such as your lungs may not be able to work properly on their own.
  • Low Cervical Nerves – An injury affecting nerves around the fourth through fifth vertebrae will impact your arms, shoulders, and certain organs. While you may be able to do basic functions on your own, you may need permanent assistance for more complex motor skills.
  • Thoracic Nerves – Damage in the central part of the spinal column can impact organs, hips, and legs while leaving no effect upon your arms or shoulders. An injury here can result in paraplegia where lower body movement is limited or completely restricted.
  • Lumbar and Sacral Nerves – Located at the lowest part of the back, damage here is considered to be least serious but can still have a significant impact on your life. You may have a very difficult time using your hips and legs, and you may need special equipment to control your bowels or bladder.

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Common Causes Of Spinal Cord Injuries

Even a simple accident can cause catastrophic damage to your back or spinal cord. It’s important to take any injuries seriously from the start. Make sure that you seek medical attention without delay. Let your doctor know that you have back pain if it’s not obvious to them at first. Inform your doctor if your back injury is causing any numbness or limited mobility.

Our spinal cord injury lawyers have helped several victims in similar circumstances, and we understand that you can suffer from spinal damage in almost any type of accident. It’s important for us to thoroughly investigate your accidents and determine exactly what happened. This allows us to seek full compensation from the negligent party.

You can injure your back in countless scenarios. While no two cases are the same, some of the most common spinal cord injury causes include:

  • Traffic accidents - Being in a car, motorcycle, or truck accident can cause serious harm to your back. Many victims have nerve or other soft tissue damage that permanently affects their lives.
  • Slip and falls - Falling due to an unsafe floor or walkway can result in a back injury. This can happen at work or while on the property of another person or business.
  • Sport or recreation accident - People are often hurt while engaging in outdoor or other recreational activities. Many sport or recreational back injuries result in paraplegia or full quadriplegia.
  • Defective products - A poorly designed or manufactured product can fail and cause a terrible accident. Many victims of defective products are injured at work or in their own homes, and sometimes the damage can be long-lasting or permanent.

Compensation After A Serious Back Or Spinal Cord Injury

Texas law allows you to seek compensation if someone else's negligence injured you. These cases require your lawyer to demonstrate how the other party failed to act with a reasonable amount of care, and how this failure directly caused your harm.

Spinal injury lawsuits can be complex. The other parties will generally be very aggressive as they seek to reduce their liability to pay you. Do not accept any financial compensation offer without first speaking to an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer. A skilled lawyer will understand how to determine precisely how much your injury will cost you over the years to come.

Building a strong case of the other party’s negligence along with your specific damages will allow you to recover what you deserve. Our attorneys investigate spine and back injuries by consulting with doctors and medical experts, speaking with witnesses, and reviewing accident records.

Every case is unique and average settlements vary, but damage to your nervous system can cost you considerably. In addition to being physically limited for life, your medical bills can add up quickly. The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation estimates that the average costs to a victim of quadriplegia are over $1,000,000 in the first year alone.

Damages that you may recover can help you with:

  • Medical bills for past and ongoing treatment
  • Future surgical and therapy needs
  • Lost wages and future earning potential
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Equipment needed to assist with mobility
  • Modifications necessary to your home, vehicle, or workplace

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    An injury to your back or spinal cord can change your life. You could be in pain, and with limited mobility for the rest of your life. Some victims even need assistance for daily, everyday functions that people take for granted. Damage to the spinal cord can affect your organs as well as your limbs, and unlike other tissue, it may never fully heal.

    Your lawyer must understand Texas personal injury law as well as how to investigate a spinal cord injury. Building a strong case for compensation can allow for an acceptable financial settlement to be offered. If not, your lawyer must also know how to win your case in court. Given our state’s statute of limitations, it’s important to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

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