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As serious injury and wrongful death attorneys, we have successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases worth millions of dollars combined over the years. However, no amount of financial success is meaningful if our clients don’t walk away happy.

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“I was in an automobile accident in August 2012. Looked up an attorney online, you know we all see the commercials on TV but all I ever heard was how they take forever, don’t get you the full amount to…

Sarah Beavers

“My brother and myself had a situation in 2010 when our mother was injured in a van accident while being driven by an institution to a medical appointment. After advice from our local counsel, we were advised to seek an…

Buff Kizer

“Fabulous firm. Great experience thru a bad situation. I can recommend this group highly. Do not hestitate to call them. Hopefully no one needs legal representation but if you do this is a solid group. We feel we could not…

S Fuller

“Anderson Law Firm is a very good firmto do business with. they were great to us. Thanks so much”

Janie Meredith

“In May of 2013, a vehicle rear-ended my husband and I while riding on our motorcycle. The situation and injuries escalated to a level we hadn’t expected – but truth be told, we walked away with our lives. After a…

Raissa Wagner

“The Anderson law firm were great. Got everything taken care of in a timely manner. I would highly recommend them.”

Shauntea Williams

“A lady hit my car last year and totaled my car. I was fortunate enough to find the Anderson Law Firm to handle my case. Mark Anderson handled everything in an efficient and quick manner. My car has been replaced,…

Anne Ferron

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