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Sometimes, instead of righting a wrong, some people will fight the mistake they made and create additional problems. This was the case for a truck driver who hit Esperanza’s vehicle.

Caught in Excuses

Esperanza’s day was going as planned. She was driving down the highway when a tractor-trailer slammed at full highway speed into her vehicle. Due to the weight and nature of the tractor-trailer, the wreck was a catastrophe. Esperanza suffered a traumatic brain injury that included brain bleeding and temporary memory loss, in addition to a fractured spine, clavicle fracture, multiple broken ribs, and other life-threatening injuries.

When asked, the driver of the tractor-trailed claimed that he did not see the vehicle Esperanza was in, which is a complete absurdity. What’s worse, the truck driver’s insurance company wanted to offer Esperanza a ridiculous amount that would not be sufficient for her pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. That’s when Esperanza knew she had to give us a call.

Case Summary

Esperanza contacted us and we immediately got to work on her case. Not only was Esperanza facing medical bills nearing $400,000 (which she knew it would not have been fair for her to pay), she was also facing lost wages surpassing $20,000. After fighting the truck driver’s insurance company, our legal team was able to win Esperanza’s $825,055 for her case. We’re so glad to have won Esperanza the full justice she deserved.

Attorney’s fees: $330,022 – Expenses: $65,808.69