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Sometimes going out on a walk can bring unexpected situations. This was the case for our client Carmen, who was suffered several injuries after being hit by a driver. At the end of the day, the Anderson Injury Lawyers was able to give Carmen full justice.

An Injured Pedestrian

It was just another day for Carmen, or so it seemed. Carmen was walking on the sidewalk and everything seemed fine. This was until another driver failed to yield the right of way as Carmen was crossing the street (with the “walk signal” on). The driver proceeded and ran over Carmen. Once taken to the emergency room, Carmen complained of pain in her right leg and elbow, where she received x-rays and other medical imaging in the affected areas. Carmen was diagnosed with fractures on her right knee, ankle, talus, and other areas. However, this was just the beginning. Carmen saw an orthopedic surgeon, who administered joint injections for her ongoing pain. Then, Carmen had over ten sessions of physical therapy to treat her injuries from the accident.

In addition to the amount of money the accident was costing Carmen due to the medical expenses, there were other sources of money loss. Carmen lost valuable hours from work due to the accident. This meant that Carmen was gaining medical bills and losing wages; definitely not a good situation to be in. Additionally, Carmen suffered pain and suffering from the accident. Carmen was restricted in moving throughout her recovery time, and she suffered anxiety and post-traumatic stress. This is when our attorneys helped Carmen out.

Case Summary

The attorneys and legal team at the Anderson Injury Lawyers were able to win a settlement offer for Carmen’s medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering that she incurred because of the accident. No pedestrian that was injured in an accident should be held responsible for an accident they did not cause. That is why we take care of the entire process, from the treatment phase to dealing with the insurance company. We want our clients to focus on one thing and one thing only: recovering without a financial burden. If you were injured as a pedestrian, contact our law firm today so you too can get full justice.