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College students work hard enough in studying, reading textbooks, and earning good grades. It is sometimes unusual to see students in serious car accidents; however, students can sometimes be involved in the same or worse car accidents that the rest of the population can face, as was Chris’s case.

An Unexpected Collision

Chris was a junior in a university in North Texas. Everything seemed to be going well, when all of a sudden he was involved in a car accident. Chris was driving his motorcycle when out of nowhere a driver who was exiting a parking lot turned left onto the road that Chris was travelling on, and impacted Chris’s motorcycle. As one can imagine, the accident was something that brought serious injuries. Chris was taken to an emergency room via ambulance and was diagnosed with fifteen broken bones, a split knee cap, a shoulder blade fracture, and other serious injuries. After many surgeries, procedures, and rehabilitation sessions, Chris’ medical bills started to exceed $105,000! In addition, Chris had lost over $15,000 worth of lost wages, and was expected to face medical bills in the future. As a result of the accident, Chris’s job was affected, and was unable to spend time with his son due to the pain. That’s when Chris decided to contact an attorney he knew he could trust.

Case Summary

Chris contacted the Anderson Injury Lawyers, where our attorneys and professional team were able to win Chris’s case $250,000. Chris was now able to recover from his motorcycle accident without the fear of not knowing how to cover for his medical expenses, and he was able to recover with an ease of mind.

Attorney’s fees: $100,000 – Expenses: $4,688.30