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One of our main duties at Anderson Injury Lawyers is to prove fault after an accident. In order to win our clients the money they deserve for their damages and injuries, we must first show – using evidence – that our clients were injured due to someone else’s negligence.

Sometimes, evidence is obvious. After a car accident, a driver might admit fault upfront, or say something that proves their negligence like, “I’m so sorry, I was looking at my phone and just didn’t see you.” Most of the time, however, at-fault drivers don’t like to admit their mistakes. That’s where our work begins.

Gary contacted our firm after he was rear-ended by another driver. He was in a bad spot. Not only was Gary seriously injured, but he didn’t have health insurance. Therefore, he couldn’t afford to seek treatment for the injuries he’d sustained in the crash.

We didn’t want Gary to suffer because of someone else’s poor choices, so we started by setting him up with doctors we trust (at no upfront cost) to help him get the treatment he needed. This included scheduling several epidural steroid injections to treat his spinal injuries, and multiple physical therapy sessions to alleviate his back pain. While Gary was healing, we went to work building his case.

The initial crash report didn’t include much useful information, so we filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the entire police report, as well as additional statements from police. Through our investigation, we discovered that the driver who hit Gary had an open bottle of whiskey in his truck and marijuana remnants on his shirt at the time of the accident, meaning he’d been breaking the law on more than one account while driving. Additionally, a police officer noted there was a “strong odor of marijuana” in the man’s vehicle.

With this information, we were confident that we’d be able to prove fault and win Gary’s case, and that’s exactly what we did. We fought the insurance company, arguing that if not for the negligent actions of their insured, the accident could have been avoided, and Gary would have never had to suffer as he did. In the end, the insurance company caved to our demands, and we won Gary the money he needed to cover his medical expenses and damages. We’re glad Gary contacted us when he did, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done on his behalf.

Attorney’s fees: $33,333.33 – Expenses: $617.44

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