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Many people know that a driver that has been hit in a car accident can receive compensation for the medical bills and other accident-related expenses. However, passengers who have been involved in car accidents can also have the same types of injuries that the drivers sustain and can be compensated in car accidents, as was the case for James.

A Simple Mistake Can Cost A Lot

James was travelling with another individual as a passenger in a van. Everything seemed to go well when all of a sudden a driver who failed to yield crashed into the van that James was in, which was sent off road and flipping many times. The accident was so severe that James was taken via helicopter to a nearby hospital. After leaving the emergency room, doctors diagnosed James with contusions, muscle strain, and disc protrusions, among other injuries. James was left recovering in pain with a stacking medical bill and lost wages that exceeded $150,000. The inability of James to work because of his injuries, in addition to not helping his family in daily tasks led James to contact the attorneys at the Anderson Injury Lawyers.

Case Summary

Here, our professional and experienced legal team was able to win James’s case $637,000! James could now enjoy his family and recover from his injuries without having to worry about medical expenses or lost wages!

Attorney’s fees: $212,333.33 – Expenses: $659.74