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Usually, the hardest part of a weekday would finish when one got out of work. Ready to meet loved ones, people are eager to drive home after a long day’s work, but what happens when a life-changing accident takes place?

Big Rigs Should Not Speed

This was the case for Melvin, who was driving home from his work on an open road when all of a sudden a flatbed trailer truck exceeding speeds of 80 miles per hour slammed into Melvin’s truck, which in turn caused Melvin’s truck to slam against the truck in front of him. Melvin’s truck flipped, causing him to suffer serious injuries. This multiple car accident caused Melvin to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Doctors diagnosed Melvin with disc protrusion, an impinged nerve root, and other terrible injuries. As if many surgeries weren’t enough, a neuropsychologist diagnosed Melvin with traumatic brain injury. As one could only imagine, Melvin’s medical bills skyrocketed, and surpassed $100,000. To go along with this was the fact that the accident prevented Melvin from working, which would mean that he would not be able to cover for his medical expenses. In addition, the accident caused Melvin to suffer from spending time with his family. That’s when Melvin decided to give us a call.

Case Summary

Our attorneys at the Anderson Injury Lawyers were able to win Melvin’s case an outstanding $752,500! Melvin knew that our attorneys would not stop until we won him the compensation that he deserved, which is exactly what we did.

Attorney’s fees: $300,833.33 – Expenses: $15,216.05