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Distracted driving is a real problem with serious consequences. No one knows this better than our client Jessica, who was left with nearly $100,000 in medical bills after a distracted driver caused her car accident.

The Wreck

Jessica was driving down the highway when all of a sudden the driver in the lane next to her became distracted by some flashing red lights. When the driver realized he was merging into Jessica’s lane, it was too late. The other driver crashed into Jessica’s car with such force that her vehicle flipped three times before coming to a stop.

Jessica was rushed to the hospital via ambulance where she was diagnosed with trauma to her back and shoulder. Even after she was released from the hospital, she continued to experience pain in her back and shoulder, as well as swelling in her face. After undergoing a series of tests, doctors diagnosed Jessica with a cervical strain, a protruding disc and cervical kyphosis. In other words, Jessica’s injuries were severe, and the medical bills it would take to treat these injuries were mounting. In addition to these issues, the accident also left Jessica with permanent scarring on her head and shoulder, some of which was so bad that Jessica was forced to lose a portion of her hair.

When Jessica first came to us, she was hurt, frustrated and didn’t know what to do. We assured her we would help her get the medical care she needed and the money to pay for it. We set Jessica up with doctors we trust, including a doctor who was able to operate on Jessica’s scars to help reduce their visibility and to make Jessica feel more like her old self. Jessica was well on her way to recovery.

Case Summary

We took on Jessica’s case because we knew she had suffered unjustly at the hands of a bad driver. We fought the at-fault driver’s insurance company, arguing that Jessica could have been spared all her pain and suffering had the other driver only been paying attention. We were able to win Jessica a $197,500 settlement offer. This was enough to cover all of Jessica’s medical expenses, pain and suffering, and Jessica was very happy with the outcome.

Net settlement to client after expenses: $91,931.24

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