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Six Flags has announced that they are suing the German manufacturer of the deadly Texas Giant rollercoaster ride following the death of Rosy Esparza at the Arlington amusement park last summer.

Six Flags is suing Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, claiming that the flagship ride was defective and unreasonably dangerous in design, manufacture, distribution, and promotion.

Six Flags Over Texas continues to deny any liability for Esparza’s death and insists that they followed all operation and maintenance procedures recommended by Gerstlauer.

Despite the legal battle, Six Flags continued to work closely with Gerstlauer and recently installed new restraint-bar pads and seat belts produced by the company as they ready for the park to reopen on March 1.

Six Flags insist that the Texas Giant is safe to ride. Whether or not the public have sufficient trust in the thrill rides in the wake of last summer’s fatal tragedy remains to be seen.