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How Do I Pay for the Doctor After an Accident if I Don’t Have Health Insurance?

After an accident, you need to get medical attention as soon as possible. But you may be worried about how to pay for the doctor if you don’t have health insurance. Anderson Injury Lawyers has some solutions for you. Call…

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Factors in Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s essential to work with a personal injury lawyer after an accident. You will have to go up against insurance companies with powerful legal teams, and you shouldn’t have to face them alone. Read below to learn some factors you…

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Do I Have To Testify in Court?

You will have many worries after a personal injury accident; the situation can be very stressful. On top of going to medical appointments and trying to get back to work, you may want to know if you’re going to have…

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What if the Police Officer Didn’t Write a Report After My Accident?

You should always dial 911 after a car accident. The police will respond, and they should complete an accident report. But what happens if the officer doesn’t write a report after your accident? Read below to learn what your next…

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How Do National and Local Laws and Regulations Affect My Texas Truck Accident Case?

If a truck driver violates a federal or state law and causes an accident, they may be found responsible for your losses. A truck accident investigation includes determining if any regulations or laws were violated and then analyzing whether that…

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Don’t Sign an Insurance Release Too Soon

Frequently after a car accident, the insurance company will contact you right away. They will try to get you to take a low settlement amount and sign a release, relieving the insurance company and the insured of any further responsibility….

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Can I Pursue a Claim Against an Illegal Resident?

Yes. If you are in a crash with an illegal resident, then you can still pursue a personal injury claim as long as they have insurance. However, the claim can become complicated quickly. Read below to learn more. If you…

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